Nine Banks would be closed permanently
Nine Banks would be closed permanently
Today a panic-inducing message that can event very viral on WhatsApp yesterday and for the last couple of days and you know if you have read it you’ve probably you know struck a little panic in your heart as well so the message goes like this:

” Nine banks would be closed permanently by Reserve Bank of India  if anybody having transaction in it please kindly withdraw it.”

These nine banks would be closed.
These nine banks would be closed.

I read heard the names of the banks as well Cooperation Bank, UCO Bank, IDBI Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Dana Bank Indian, Overseas Bank, Central Bank of India, United Bank of India, Andhra Bank, that’s a lot of banks and you know there are some major banks you know with a lot of money in it.

I guess a lot of people are very scared about anything right I’m scared and there is this story going on about Punjab Maharashtra Bank as well the PMC Bank which has had this banking restriction levied by the RBI recently so it kind of goes well together.

People think they’re all connected, so the PMC issue where the RBI has said that people cannot withdraw more than a thousand rupees from their accounts or over for six months and people can not make felt apposite no loans will be given and that is really an ominous thing over and above this they receive a message like this and it really creates a sense of panic.

So in order to debunk this which is totally fake by the way the Finance Ministry and the RBI have come out with statements through a series of tweets that this is indeed faults people are not to believe this and all of these banks are state-owned banks for starters.

So people will actually fall for this so we wish to reiterate that it is official that these banks are indeed not shutting down also just a technique people many of these banks are going to be merged into larger ones.

So just the fact that they are being merged into larger ones does not merit he does not merit a shutdown yeah so if your bank is on the list which is going to be merged into a larger one you will still have your savings in place you will still have all your accounts in place you will just receive services from that merged entity.

so please do not consider this as a shutdown it is really panicky it is so it is ever so ominous and it has the ability to cause a lot of damage due to disinformation and you know the RBI has come out the finance minister has come on in the banks are reaching out to that customers telling them not to believe in this message.

so if you got this message do not share it probably delete it from your Whatsapp you know and don’t share it with anybody else if you find your friends or family sharing this message reach out to them show them our fact check show them this truth.

Maybe that will convince them so friends you know what to do if you see more of these messages going around WhatsApp or Facebook send it over to us on our Whatsapp helpline number this is how we do our work this is how we do our fact checks.

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