Mahavat website
Mahavat website

Maharashtra specialty tax credits can be made readily available on the

. In fact, e-payment is important for monthly payers. You are required to pay and return online every month if your taxes exceed Rs. 50,000 for the year. This should be done by the last day of the following month. If your payment is less than Rs. 50,000, you can wait until the end of the financial year in March to pay on file returns.

How to pay online ?

1. Go to the Mahavat website and select the e-payment link, if the Professional Tax Professional Certificate (PTRC), or Ptec e-payment, if the Professional Scholarship Certificate (PTEC).

2. Sign in using your TIN number and choose to pay e-pay.

3. Challan in MTR Form 6 will be displayed. It will contain the TIN and the name of the client by default.

Choose the type of e-payment (either PTEC or PTRC, etc.), the time paid, how much you pay, where you register. Also remember that each field needs to be expanded to accommodate the type of reception.

5. PTEC holders Should select No. ID VIII for tax purposes. All parties should select ‘Other’ in the appropriate entry from the adjacent drop-down list.

6. When you complete the form and beat, you will generate a Government Request Number or GRN. Hit the nest and complete the transaction.

7. Save the money receipts shown on the loan as proof of payment to the government.

Mahavat website
Mahavat website

How can I get your PTEC number online?

Verify your employment tax number
Step 1: Visit the website
Step 2: At the bottom of the Home Page click on Know Your TIN.
Step 3: Enter your PAN Number in the box provided.
End with 4 feet: Your name and Profile tax Number will be displayed. Click the Number to see more details.
Step 5: Your message will be displayed properly.

What is PTEC payment?

PTEC stands for Professional Certification Certification and PTRC is the Professional Certified Professional Certification. … The PTRC’s job is to allow an employer (government or non-government) to reduce professional taxes on employee pay or to apply to state governments.

What is the difference between PTEC and Ptrc?

Key points: PTRC stands for Professional Certification Certificate, PTEC stands for Certified Professional Certification. Businesses often need both of them to do business. … PTRC stands for Tax Professional Certification, but PTEC stands for Professional Tax Certificate.




A) Starting a Business:

1) e-registration:

i) The registration and payment process for registration and termination shall terminate online for all Departmental Services (MVAT Act), CST Rules, Rental Rules, Commercial Law, Tax Exempt Tax and Legal Services Money Laundering Fund.

ii) There is one document linked to registration for All Services. Pl referred to the 18T 2016 Stock Exchange.

iii) A list of names that are required to be uploaded for registration in the “New” section.

iv) It does not have the required physical or all physical equipment as well as the equipment approved by the Department.

v) No visitors are paid for the assistance of the Registration Certificate (R.C.).

vi) Greater registration certificates are issued on the same working day if the application is accurate and complete. If some defects are found in the application, a defect note is generated and sent to the requestor in an email that lists the vendors. If Registration Officers do nothing within three business days, R. C. is issued to the applicant.

2) Obtain Certificate Written Article of the Author of the Department’s Portal:

MSTD has issued an 18T Circuit Breach of 2016 dt. 24/5/2016. According to the Commercial Code, the seller must contact the MSTD Office for approval of the Certificate. It is sent to its dealers on the same day as NJ mail. Registration certificates are also available on the MSTD Portal and the pdf format that appears. Dealer can download digimally registered Certificate Forms MSTD Portal from its pending login credentials.

3) Product Findings:

Anyone can check out R.C. of sale if TIN or PAN is known. Please follow this procedure. Log in to → Click on E-registration → Click “Dealer Mode” → Enter the eleven TIN number and click “Get Status”. PAN can be used in place of TIN as a search engine.

B) a little Head:

1) payment:

Free Gift Available from 25 About. Provided by the Government Revenue System (GRAS) for certain services performed by the Department. The introduction of the SBI e-payment system made it clear to the White People (Pl referred to the 32T 2016 Consumer Price Index). SBI e-Pay is affiliated with National Nation Banks, Private Banks, and Employees.

2) Return on invoice based.

Almost 80% of the returns field comes from invoices from the Online Sales and Purchase Supplements which are part of the return form itself. Returns under the MVAT and CST are set at the same time through the same Purchase and Add-ons. Subsequent registrations are the Register Register, Subscription Registration, Sales Return, and Purchase Returns Cash and Cash Cash should be maintained by each business entity. This is a small requirement for any commercial enterprise. The broker should always keep these records in his or her business to run a business safely. He does not need to prepare a separate registry or description for the purpose of return. The invoice can be copied to the Affiliate / Buy from these cash registers. The seller is not required to collect any return points from his or her directories. So the time required for collecting data has dropped to nil. It reduced the time of important repetition (Pl. Cited in Circular Trade 22T of 2016).

3) Software: Cure:

it is Free Software. It is available on the Department’s website (at Dealer Services). If a retailer manages to create a price for using this app, then the sale and purchase of an automotive add-on will increase.

4) Multiple Return Returns:

The seller may file multiple returns under MVAT and CST for F.Y. 2015-16 and U / S section 20 (4) (a) of the MVAT Act.

5) Refund:

Refund is governed by rule 51 of the MVAT Act, 2002. There is a special reimbursement procedure for exporters. They are required to register as a first-time buyer and are required to complete certain assessments. 95% of non-refundable returns are granted within 10 days from the date of refund. Reimbursement for Bankruptcy Insurance (B. G.) (Sec. 51 (3) (b) of the MVAT Act, 2002) within 20 days of filing for non-audit. There is a quick reimbursement application for designated manufacturers. There are certain conditions that you must fulfill to register for this plan. Refunds are issued within ten days from the date of application for a refund without review or B.G. For all of these terms, pl refer to Circle 13A of 2010 and Trade Circle 22T of 2010.

According to the 5T 2016 marketing plan, this customer’s return will be supported by:

i) within forty-five days from the date of filing a complaint (if the seller is eligible to file an Opinion Check) and a refund is issued prior to the date of filing the complaint.

ii) Within forty-five days from the date of issue of Corrective Notices occurs in a situation where vendors are not eligible to submit an application.

iii) Within forty-five days from the date of filing a refund on F 501, in the event that vendors are eligible to file a review and reimbursement after the Review complaint is filed.

6) Refunds From NEFT:

i) Reimbursement from NEFT from 1 October 2015.

ii) Vendors received refunds from NEFT within days T + 1 or T + 2.

iii) In all lands of Maharashtra State, the repayment brokers are SINGLE NEFT Desk located in Mazgaon, Mumbai.

iv) Free refund and quick refund from NEFT. Maharashtra is among the pioneering states in which their dealers receive reimbursement from NEFT.

7) tax returns:

The return under the online tax filing in 2016 by Circular Trade. Pl referred to the 33T market share of 2016. Returns under the Department’s special services are already online.

8) No Border Score:

The State of Maharashtra has not yet forwarded the postage to the department. He made the installation of goods in the state and outside the state safe.

E-CST Statement:

No need to visit the Department for an e-CST statement. The ECST statement will be obtained by placing an application on the Department’s Portal.

C) Computer Awareness (CDA):

Each year the Department selects a case for Computer Programming (CDA) based on criteria set by the Department. The Department publishes such lists in the Portal. It is designed to track the results found on the CDA website in the Department’s Portal. If the vendor pays as a result of the CDA and the files that have been edited for returns, this review is closed. If the seller does not pay as per the CDA exam, these types of cases will be selected for the Principal Investigation. A list of the cases for the Issue of Conflict of Issue was posted on the website. The Department has issued Circular 37T of 2016 which has been added. The Department has set up eleven surveys. The list of vendors selected for CDA is available in the New section of the Department’s website. The list of selected vendors selected for Assessment or Documentation and Review is also the same.

D) Settlement of Assisted Living:

The helpline is designed to provide basic services that help employees prepare in the overall return. Get Help 1800225900 helps retailers solve their problems. The seller can limit the complaints to this Toll-free number. Tickets are made for No. The department has provided Financial Assistance support through Apart from this support, Centralized Assistance has been developed at Mazgaon (Mumbai) HQ of MSTD. The assistance desk is set to MSTD All positions in the state as well as Nodal levels. A mirrored screen is also provided for the Help Desk.

E) Navigation of Department of Taxation:

The Department has formed the Nodal Division based on Geographic Status from 1/1/2016. Each TIN is associated with some Nodal Officer. This is a change from the operating system (Pl cited in Trade Cir 20T of 2015).

F) SAP Based Automation:

For providing better services to taxpayers, the Department turned to SAP’s operating system from May 2016 (Pl referred to Circular Trade 18T of 2018).

Summer Time: Forever

The current U / S 55 version of the MVAT Act is enforced and is fully operational. Notification is issued No VAT / AMD-2015 / 1A / 15 / ADM- 8 dtd 9/5/2016 (Contributions to the Declaration) and the Mechanical Engineer (Supplemental Paper). Screenshots are also included for future upheavals.

H) Some Important Statistics:

i) Earnings During F.Y. 2016-17: Rs. 86,600 / – Kp.

ii) No. E-Returns filed during F.Y. 2016-17 (VAT and Other Acts excluding PT): 5037623

iii) The e-Returns that filed for Employment Tax at the time: 553333

iv) Cash Returns During F.Y. 2016-17 by NEFT: Rs. 5765.11 Cr.

v) Country of e-Registration Certificate issued under VAT, CST, and Other Services (except PT) during F.Y. 2016-17 is 146570. The number of Subscriptions issued under PT by the same F.Y. is 125228.

How do I pay my 1-year PTEC?

Given below is a wise strategy to pay.
Step 1: Log in to the website. …
Step 2: Click the E-Payment Tab. …
Step 3: Enter PTEC TIN. …
Step 4: Enter PAN. …
Step 5: Change the Business Name. …
Step 5: Select the Schedule. …
Step 6: Select how many times per month. …
Step 7: Select Status.


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