Kaithi Movie Review

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Kaithi Watch: The Special Performance Karthi Makes It Watchful Watch
Kaithi plays on several levels. Karthi’s Dilli is a homicide for the murder of seeing her 10-year-old daughter still missing.

Kaithi Movie Review: Karthi’s Performance Makes a Dateline Watch still from Kaithi.

Cast: Karthi, Narain, George Mary

Leader: Lokesh Kanagaraj

As soon as the blue moon, the incomprehensible or mindless Tamil movie comes out on the Bottom, this year’s Deepawali premiere is a Karthi actor playing on parole. The Karthi Museum has been unrivaled since its successful exhibition at the Paruthiveeran Museum several years ago.

But his latest single, Kaithi (Prison), by Secretary-General Lokesh Kanagaraj sees Karthi in a more controlled manner than some of the other characters. He eventually called it quits in his trademark style.

Kaithi Movie Review
Kaithi Movie Review

Kaithi plays on several levels. Karthi’s Dilli is a homicide for the murder of seeing her 10-year-old daughter still missing. His wife is dead, and Kanagaraj is keeping us at the edge of our seats to the very end. Will the father ever meet his daughter?

Call it crap or ugly, Dilli finds himself a prisoner even in the process of getting rid of him, and he has a big truck and a lawsuit, Bejoy (Narain) – who has his hands on a large amount of cocaine that he has. hid in the local police station. The injured Bejoy asked Dilli to drive he and his men could not (these Mayans had their drinks) to the hospital – immediately if they would be saved.

In another part of the genre, we have a little girl, who has lived her life at home, waiting to meet someone she doesn’t know. He spends the night resting, and sleeps waiting for someone to knock on his door.

But between these two points, we have a lot of high school students caught up in an employee’s office, a situation that tends to be tricky in a matter of minutes. Because they are fighting through a bloodthirsty mafia. Given the packages of drugs that do not want.

Bejoy to reach his destination, and drive the universe to stop the car going in the jungle and in the darkness of the night, the movie feels like a runaway, speed.

Kanagaraj could have had a lot to do with this kind of storytelling in the middle of the night. One, it would have prevented Dilli from becoming a Goliath, taking over many of his predecessors and expanding.

A mob pulls up to make Karthi fun. Two, like most Tamil cinema, writing essays leaves a lot to be desired.

I don’t understand why a police officer stopped at the bus station, chased away by George Maryan (along with other fugitives), not seeking help from his colleagues – instead opting to drop the students to help keep him the station. as cocaine was hidden in a secluded basement.

In fact, Kaithi would have done without these tours. Anyway, Kanagaraj got off the melodrama. Even the scene where Dilli heard her daughter’s voice for the first time on the phone has made sense, though it may be the last basement in a superhero movie. I go to three stars for a memorable episode of Karthi.

Review : Kaithi  Movie