one airtel rcconf

How do I get rid of the One Airtel Rcconf version?

You now have a basic idea about an issue related to Airtel Rcconf, so here’s a look at what will happen. Here we are going to tell you how to fix the One Airtel Rcconf download issues on your Android, PC / Laptop.

Disable an One Airtel Rcconf  – Redirect Auto Phone
Steps to Remove An Airtel Rcconf or on Android: –

For Android Mobile

Step1: Open Settings on your Android device.
Step2: Scroll down and tap on Network settings / mobile phone / SIM card or Type APN (access name) in the search area.
Click on the Point Access Name (APN).
Now set the settings as stated below.
Proxy: (Leave blank)
Port: 8080

Step3: Tap the Save button to save the new APN settings.
Restart your phone.
Finished, you will now be able to uninstall the One Airtel Rcconf case from the Airtel network.

Remove an One Airtel Rcconf Redirect Issue from Laptops & PC

Here we will tell you two techniques to remove an airtel and rcconf talk with Laptops on PC. Look at it: -(2 tips )

Tip 1 – Clearing the Cache Browser

  • Open the browser on your laptop or PC.
  • Click on dot 3 in the upper right corner and select the settings option.
  • Now in the search bar, type Cache and select “Clear search data – delete history, cookies, caches and much more”.
  • Check all the boxes and click the “clear” button.
  • After all, you have successfully deleted Cache from your web browser. Now close and restart the browser to start browsing the web.

Note – This advanced method will delete all your reports, cookies & cache files from your web browser.

Tip 2 – Using a VPN (Free to Operate Opera)

VPN also is known as Virtual Private Network is also a wise choice to use by addressing the issue of One Airtel Rcconf. There are many VPN providers that pay for and charge on the market, but the best options are Opera Browser and free VPN. Opera is a trust-based solution that must be present in many markets. Moreover, it provides unlimited VPN services to all its users.

Here’s how to download and install Opera Browser & Add VPN

  • Download the Oprea Browser. (To Download Click here)
  • Tap the download button.
  • Now install the browser on your laptop or PC.
  • Open the opera on your device.
  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down and click the “enable VPN” button.
  • After all, you’ve run a free VPN service from Opera.
  • Afterward, this method should fix the problem of One Airtel Rcconf ( on your device.