Brandon Taubman
The Astros fired assistant general manager Brandon Taubman Thursday afternoon and issued an apology to the Sports Illustrated reporter who they accused of lying about his club.

The Astros have “helped” Major League Baseball in the past two days, the team said in a press release on Thursday. MLB interviewed witnesses for Taubman’s actions on Saturday at the Astros sports club.

As Sports Illustrated explained earlier on Monday night and the Chronicle later confirmed, Taubman shouted as a group of female reporters following the team’s American League Cup victory over the Yankees.

Brandon Taubman


The Astros didn’t get it 34-year-old Taubman exclaimed: “Thank God we have (Roberto) Osuna! I’m glad (she was) happy to have Osuna! ”

Osuna, near the Astros, was arrested last July after serving a 75-game suspension for violating the National Domestic Violence, Criminal Criminal Code and Child Abuse.

One of the women Taubman yelled wearing a yellow bracelet signified a closet. The newspaper wrote in Wenezde that Taubman’s sale was explicitly directed to a woman, which Taubman had complained about in previous conversations.

When the news was unveiled on Monday – the Astros initially refused to comment – the club dismissed a statement claiming that journalist Stephanie Apstein had attempted to “tell a story where no one was.”

The Astros said in their Thursday statement that stopped Taubman.

“We sincerely apologize to Stephanie Apstein, Sports Illustrated and everyone who witnessed the incident or caused inappropriate behavior. The Astros have no intention of reducing the issue of domestic violence.”

Brandon Taubman
Brandon Taubman

Taubman joined the Astros on June 2013 after a career in financial security. He received a contract renewal last month and is second to head coach Jeff Luhnow in all baseball decisions.

Luhnow will speak to reporters at 6:15 CT in Nationals Park.

The Astros issued a statement on Thursday:

Over the past two days, the Astros have been supporting Major League Baseball in an interview with the Astros staff as part of an MLB review of articles published in a recent Double Money report. Major League Baseball interviewed the media team 24 hours ago.

Our initial research led us to believe that Brandon Taubman’s statements were not made with any journalist. We are mistaken.

We sincerely apologize to Stephanie Apstein, Sports Illustrated and to all who have witnessed or incurred inappropriate behavior. The Astros do not intend to alleviate domestic violence issues.

Our first confirmation comes from a testimony of what happened. Subsequent interviews revealed that Taubman’s inappropriate comments were, in fact, told one or more reporters. So we have lost Brandon Taubman to the Houston Astros. His actions do not reflect the values ​​of our organization and we believe that this is the best strategy.

We are grateful to the great baseball League and everyone involved in the investigation. As we said earlier, the Astros strive to use our voices to create awareness and support and talk about domestic violence.

We fully support MLB in baseball’s decisions and principles regarding domestic violence. We will continue to make this a priority for our organization.