OU football: Meet the Sooners' opponent — No. 13 Baylor
OU football: Meet the Sooners' opponent — No. 13 Baylor

The last time the Prisoners traveled to Waco, Texas to play a playoff game for the two teams was in 2015 when No. 12 Oklahoma beat No. 4 Baylor, 44-34.

Since then, the Bears have spent 7-6 seasons in the 1-11 season in 2017, part-time head coach Matt Rhule. But this time, Rhule led the team to a 9-0 record in the 13th College Football Playoff heading into his game against No. 10 Oklahoma Saturday, November 14.

With an environment that is expected to be well on the line, Baylor will be the Sooners’ biggest test to date.

Meet the Opposition Prisoners – No. 13 Baylor

Head Coach: Matt Rhule

Rhule has achieved excellence in every position in his college management career. His teacher, who does not care for weapons, marksmanship, fishermen, people behind him and also acts as a coordinator. He coached at schools like Temple and UCLA, and also worked as an assistant for the New York Giants.

Rhule and Baylor’s record is 17-17, but that also goes into its first two seasons going 1-11 and 7-6. The year was a home comeback, and now he is leading 9-0 on Saturday.


Baylor ranks fifth in the Big 12 in total offense – No. 25 on FBS – with an average of 459.6 yards per game. The prisoners – sitting at No. 1 – The three teams are already in the middle of the season with the Bears: Iowa State, Texas and Texas.

But Charlie Brewer and his offense should not be overlooked. Brewer has averaged 16 points and four rebounds. He didn’t throw any challenges in the process of Baylor’s 29-23 win over TCU, but he threw two touchdowns and struck again on the floor in overtime to lead his team to victory on the road, proving otherwise. host to patch the situation. .


Baylor promoted No. 31 on FBS in total consolidation, and then raise 10 barriers at a time. The Bears are no less than 17th in the playoffs.

The Bears racked up three losses in their win against TCU – two from Grayland Arnold and one from Terrel Bernard.

Players check out

Brewer ran 26th and passed the yards in the nation with 2,338. He also rushed for 211 yards and a touchdown.

Senior wide receiver Denzel Mims stands 6 pounds-3 and 215 pounds, and uses his size to match the game against the back and safety sides. He was caught for 675 yards and eight touchdowns. With OU’s 66-33 win over Baylor in 2018, Mims caught for 114 yards and a touchdown.

Sophomore linebacker Terrel Bernard registered 31 points with Baylor three times at TCU Saturday. He was 850-year-old in the flesh and proved to be a reliable weapon for the Bears.